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Marcin Zarzeczny polish actor eastern european


Marcin Zarzeczny polish actor eastern european

Marcin Zarzeczny polish actor eastern european

Jobless actor



polish actor



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I am currently shooting a mini-series in the UK and two series's in Poland, two other film projects I am starting to shoot on November.

Marcin Zarzeczny

Marcin Zarzeczny polish actor

weight 10st. 8lb (67kg)

height 5'7" (170cm)

35 years

nationality Polish

appearance Eastern European

Confessions of a Jobless Actor 

Marcin's story which he put in a script of solo act. A Practical Comedy for One Actor, Preferably Unemployed' is a real story about a series of events in the life of a certain unemployed artist. It's a tale of determination and the struggle for one's dreams, yet important things are spoken of lightly here, without complaining about the unemployed's fate. The script describes the protagonist's experience looking for a job, with priority given to his reactions as he tries to keep thinking positively and viewing tough situations with humor and distance. This is not


Such versatility is a rare thing amongst younger actors. He cannot so easily be labelled a comedic or dramatic actor. He can’t be pigeonholed. He is simply a master of his craft. A consummate, dedicated professional who pays strict attention to detail. None of his gestures or glances are accidental. And he always has a smile for everyone, whatever the circumstances.

2016, Stage, Director, 52 HERTZ. WORK IN PROGRESS., Arena Festival/Marcin Zarzeczny/Germany, Marcin Zarzeczny
2016, Stage, Beatiel, KANTATA FOR FOUR WINGS, Act 4 Act/InstytutTeatralny, Grzegorz Lewandowski
2016, Stage, Poet, THE EVENING AT THE THEATRE., Polish Theatre/Teatr Polski/Szczecin, Adam Opatowicz
2015, Stage, Bartollini, KIDNAPPING OF BALTAZAR, Teatr Capitol/Warsaw, Katarzyna Taracinska
2015, Stage, RUSSIAN NIGHT/ROSYJSKA NOC, Polish Theatre/Teatr Polski/Szczecin, Adam Opatowicz
2014, Stage, Perote, LA SENORA Y LA CRIADA, The New Theatre/Teatr Nowy/Slupsk, Natalia Soltysik
2013, Stage, Jobless actor, JOBLESS ACTOR CONFESSIONS, Marcin Zarzeczny
2013, Stage, Chorister, REQUIEMACHINE, Choir of the women, Marta Gornicka
2012, Stage, THE MASTER AND MARGARITA, Akademia Teatralna, Krzysztof Knurek
2011, Stage, Jan Kowalski-main role, 5TH AUGUST IN WOLA 1945, Erina B Studio, Malgorzata Brama
2011, Stage, Jonasz, BELINDA. RETROSPECTION., Theatre on Bielany/Teatr na Bielanach, Ewa Kaleta
2010, Stage, He II-main role, BURNT-OUT, Old Printing House/Stara Drukarnia/Warsaw, Monika Powalisz
2010, Stage, Rodrigo, I'M NOT AFFRAID OF YOU, OTELLO, In Vitro Scene/Lublin, Joanna Lewicka
2010, Stage, Harry - main role, SHADY BUSINESS, Comedy Theatre/Teatr Komedia/Warsaw, Jerzy Bonczak
2009, Stage, Puk, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Polish Theatre/Teatr Polski/Szczecin, Adam Opatowicz
2009, Stage, Cleont, THE MIDDLE CLASS GENTLEMAN, Second Zone Theatre.Teatr Druga Strefa/Warsaw, Sylwester Biraga
2008, Stage, Official, FIN DE..., Second Zone Theatre.Teatr Druga Strefa/Warsaw, Sylwester Biraga
2008, Stage, Brother, MY FAULT/MOJA WINA-PERFORMATIVE READING, Theatre on Wola/Teatr na Woli/Warsaw, Magdalena Lazarkiewicz
2008, Stage, The Prince-main role, THE PRINCE AND THE POUPER, Popular Theatre/Teatr Ludowy/Cracow, Czeslaw Sienko
2007, Stage, Hendrik, ELITE 1.1-PERFORMATIVE READIND, Wytwornia Theatre/Warsaw, Piotr Wojewodzki
2007, Stage, Brother Michal, SISTERS/SIOSTRY PRZYTULANKI-PERFORMATIVE READIND, Theatre on Wola/Teatr na Woli/Warsaw, Giovanny Castellanos
2006, Stage, many roles, Moritornes, Dulcinea, DON KICHOTE, Polish Theatre/Teatr Polski/Szczecin, Ryszard Major
2006, Stage, Innocenty, IVONA, THE DUTCH OF BURGUNDIA, Dramatic Theatre/Teatr Dramatyczny/Walbrzych, Artur Tyszkiewicz
2006, Stage, Alek, STORIES ABOUT REGULAR MADNESS, Dramatic Theatre/National Stage/Olsztyn, Bronka Nowicka
2006, Stage, Judas, THE JOURNEY TO ROOM'S INTERIOR, Dramatic Theatre/National Stage/Olsztyn, Giovanny Castellanos
2006, Stage, Wolf, THE WOLF/CHODZIL WILK RAZY KILKA, Wytwornia Theatre/Warsaw, Radoslaw Dobrowolski
2005, Stage, Soldier I-main role, HOW GRISHKOVIETZ ATE A DOG, Dramatic Theatre/National Stage/Olsztyn, Valery Lysenko
2005, Stage, Letter E-main role, MORNING OF SOUNDS, Dramatic Theatre/National Stage/Olsztyn, Tatiana Asmolkova
2005, Stage, Vasil, PLATONOV, Dramatic Theatre/National Stage/Olsztyn, Krzysztof Nazar
2005, Stage, Mr. Martin, THE BOLD SINGER, Dramatic Theatre/National Stage/Olsztyn, Henryk Talar
2005, Stage, Policeman, THE LOOP/PETLA, Dramatic Theatre/National Stage/Olsztyn, Giovanny Castellanos
2005, Stage, Belgian Doctor, THE WALL, Dramatic Theatre/National Stage/Olsztyn, Giovanny Castellanos
2004, Stage, Aleksey, MERLIN MONGOL, Dramatic Theatre/National Stage/Olsztyn, Marzena Bergman
2004, Stage, Bodyguard, THE ANIMATION, Dramatic Theatre/National Stage/Olsztyn, Robert Mrozowicz
2004, Stage, The Prince-main role, THE PRINCE AND THE POUPER, Dramatic Theatre/Teatr Dramatyczny/Olsztyn, Czeslaw Sienko

a classical piece based on the intricate dramatic build-up. There is, in fact, very little drama in here. What is more important is the creation of an intimate conversational atmosphere between the protagonist and the spectator, similar to that between friends. 

2016, Television, Sound worker, SECOND CHANCE/DRUGA SZANSA, ATM/TVN, Michal Gazda
2016, Television, Policeman, SHE'S A SINGIEL/SINGIELKA, TVN, Maciej Migas
2015, Television, Pawel Szumilo, DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME/O MNIE SIE NIE MARTW, Akson Studio/TVP, Filip Zylber
2015, Television, Pawel Cieslik, ENTANGLED/UWIKLANI, TVP, Olga Chajdas
2015, Television, Seller, FATHER MATHEW/OJCIEC MATEUSZ, TVP, Maciej Dejczer
2015, Television, Chef, FATHER MATHEW/OJCIEC MATEUSZ, TVP, Maciej Dejczer
2014, Television, Student, DO DZWONKA CAFE, Disney Channel Poland, Tomasz Szafranski
2014, Television, Charlatan, ON A SIGNAL/NA SYGNALE, TVP, Krzysztof Kasior
2014, Television, Gruszczynski, WSPOLNA STREET/NA WSPOLNEJ, Fremantle Media/TVN, Jacek Gasiorowski
2011, Television, Kazik, STRAIGHT TO HEART/PROSTO W SERCE, TVN, Jaroslaw Banaszek
2010, Television, Builder, THAT'S LIFE/SAMO ZYCIE, Polsat TV, Jacek Soltysiak
2009, Television, Car driver, THE CITY FROM THE SEA/MIASTO Z MORZA, Profilm/TVP, Andrzej Kotkowski
2009, Television, Footballer, THE SONS/SYNOWIE, Gabi sp.z.o.o./Polsat TV, Krzysztof Jaroszynski
2008, Television, Artur, THE DEPARTMENT OF MURDER/WYDZIAL ZABOJSTW, Fremantle Media/TVP, Krzysztof Lang
2008, Television, Receptionist, THE VICARAGE/PLEBANIA, Besta Film/TVP, Jerzy Lukaszewicz
2019 Feature Film, SUPERNOVA, dir. Bartosz Kruhlik, main role - Michał Matys
2019 Feature Film, FIGHTER'S HEART, dir. Kacper Anuszewski, main role - Andrzej 
2016, Feature Film, Razor, NO PANIC WITH A HINT OF HISTERIA, Tomasz Szafranski
2016, Feature Film, Malinowski, ROJ STORY/HISTORIA ROJA, TVP, Jerzy Zalewski
2015, Feature Film, Zdzislaw, ADVENTURERS CLUB/KLUB WLOCZYKIJOW, Domino Film, Tomasz Szafranski
2013, Feature Film, Miroslaw Kaminski, CLOSED CIRCUIT, Filmicon, Ryszard Bugajski
2011, Feature Film, Wholesaler, THE DUCHY/KSIESTWO, Skorpion Arte/TVP, Andrzej Baranski
2009, Feature Film, Car driver, THE CITY FROM THE SEA/MIASTO Z MORZA, Profilm/TVP, Andrzej Kotkowski